Can’t Someone Else Do This? Delegating for Business Owners

Can’t Someone Else Do This? Delegating for Business Owners

I remember when I hired my first assistant.  I’d been dreaming of that day, thinking how much more I’d get completed, imagining how much more free time I’d have.

Then reality hit.  I had to spend time managing, directing and checking in on my new assistant.  I had to prep tasks for her to complete, I had to meet with her and answer more emails.  It was a bumpy road at first. I went through a couple assistants before I found the right one.  And at times it felt that I had more work to do, but as time went on it got better and better.

I’m still managing and directing, but as we created new tasks and discovered glitches I documented it all, or she documented it as she went through the steps.

Not every business owner wants to or can delegate to assistants or interns, but even if you’re not ready to hire someone, you can begin to prepare for it now.

Look at your task list and decide what’s an energy drain, or takes time you’d rather be spending doing something else.  Those are the tasks to delegate.

Then document the steps you take to complete projects and tasks, especially the ones that you do over and over again.  You can include links and pictures, screen shots, or other helpful information. And if you’re already getting outside support create the documentation so that anyone can step in at anytime.

These previous tips are great- these are the logistical side of starting off with an assistant.  And there’s the mental part of it- LETTING GO.  Getting to the point where you can let your assistant do things the way they feel is best while the outcome still meets your requirements is the mental goal.  And I know this can be the hardest part of it all.  Your business is your creation, your clients are important.  Start small and build that trust and you’ll find yourself able to do more of what you love!

And if you want to talk to my amazing assistant and see if she can take somethings off your plate, feel free to reach out to her through her website, Tech Side Simplified.