What’s So Great About Organizing

There are many times I’m asked why is it important to be organized.  Why are people talking about it so much?  What’s it really going to do for me?

So I thought I’d write you a list of reasons to take care of the mundane parts of your life.

  • Your outer world can be a reflection of your inner world
  • When you know where your things are you spend your time doing what is important, not looking for that something.
  • When you’re stressed by misplaced items, your cortisol hormones get going and does all sorts of damage to your body and mind.
  • An organized office means it’s easier to get started on the important work, first thing every day.
  • When your papers are taken care of, there is open space to create art, host a dinner party, or just relax.
  • Bills paid on time means there are no late fees- you save money
  • You save money by not needing to buy a duplicate of the item you know you have somewhere, but just can’t find right now.
  • You show up to events with all the material you need to show the world the amazing work you are doing.
  • It’s easy to have guests over.
  • It’s easier to clean up and put things back in order after you’ve been sick, traveling or just needing more rest.
  • You can leave the house on time each day and you can focus on the work you are doing in the world, rather than scrambling to find your keys and phone and every other item you need at the last minute.
  • When your home is organized, it’s a great nest to return to in the evening.
  • When your kitchen is organized, you’re more likely to cook and eat healthier, and we all know that’s good for our bodies.
  • When you keep a calendar and use it to set your schedule, you show people you know how to make and keep commitments
  • When you use your calendar you don’t have to store anything extra in your mind.
  • When you’re organized in your home, in your office and with your time- you are more relaxed, more professional, more able to do what you love with your full attention each and every moment.

Because in the end when the mundane is taken care of, the magic (your purpose) is easier to share with the world.