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How can I organize my life so that I can pursue my passions?shutterstock_74360920

What can I do to organize my office for maximize productivity?

Can I make my home beautiful and functional?

What’s the best way to set up a home filing system?

Is there a way to maximize my closet storage space without building a new closet?

What can I do to keep track of my keys?

How do I begin organizing when I am so overwhelmed?


I work with people in a handful of different ways.

I coach, organize, and consult with people, both in person and remotely.


If you are ready to jump in and see major changes in your space and your life then
Get Your ACT Together is for you.   We’ll spend a season together sorting through your messes and creating systems, plans and customized ways for you to enjoy your life everyday.
Reach out to me via email, phone or set up an appointment for a free consultation.
Then we’ll set our first appointment and go from there.

The results people get after working with me:

before-and-after-8The one point that really struck me was that I still have control over my life. I know I do, but for some reason I have been living like I am at the whim of others.


Heather gives fabulous presentations geared towards moms.  She helps them make space for themselves and envision and an empowered future.  She made a tremendous impact on my life in one event!
Working with Heather helped me to determine my specific goals, identify roadblocks and set my sights on steps for achieving them. My coaching sessions with her improved my outlook and increased my calm…which wasn’t just good for me, it was good for my family!

Thank you so much for your good work, Heather. You have won my mom’s heart as well as my gratitude.