At Serene Space, I help you organize spaces, manage your time, and define your life purpose so that you can live a life that is as beautiful as it is productive. I want you to enjoy your work and home environments. I want you to accomplish your goals and meet your obligations. I want you to be able to find the things you need when you need them. I believe that when you have time to pursue your dreams, you will live a fuller, happier, and more balanced life.

Heather Sontag started Serene Space Organizing in 2011 to share her love of design, education, and organizational problem solving. Prior to becoming a professional organizer, Heather was a fine art photographer, an art teacher, and a stay-at-home mom. She has been organizing her own and her friends’ homes and offices for many years.

Heather received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Studies through Visual Expressions from Johnston College at the University of Redlands. She worked as a fine art photographer for ten years, showing her work in galleries and open studio settings. Heather has a deep understanding of space, color, balance, and contrast. She gracefully combines visual elements to make beautiful and harmonious spaces.

A credentialed teacher with several years of experience, Heather possesses comprehensive knowledge of learning styles and easily adapts her approach to specific client needs. She also understands how the learning process works: She does. You watch. 
You do. She watches.
 You do independently.

Being a parent, Heather has learned how to craft joy out of chaos. She knows that small people sometimes have a tough time letting go of objects. Heather works well with all needs, big and small, to create organizational systems that work for everyone.

As a holistic organizer and coach, Heather’s personal goal is to see each client develop organizing skills and create positive life changes. Heather has studied feng shui and space clearing techniques. Through these studies, Heather has developed a unique method of bringing refreshed energy into your office or home. By doing away with the unused and unnecessary items in your life, Heather can clear the space of old, stagnant energy and replace it with new, positive energy.

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Heather is a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and upholds their code of ethics. All clients deserve respect, confidentiality, and the best professional organizer possible. If Heather is not the right organizer for you, she will refer you to someone who is a better fit.

Our Mission

Guided by the belief that organizing is a means of clarifying and realizing personal life visions, Serene Space is dedicated to creating peaceful and productive spaces and crafting effective time management techniques for living and working. I build organizational systems that last, freeing people to pursue the things that matter most, now and into the future.


Values You Can Count On To Organize Your Life

I honor the whole person. Creating a peaceful environment is as much about respecting values and emotions as it about objects and spaces. I take the time to get to know my clients and understand their challenges and goals.

I embrace ingenuity. Given inspiration and guidance, I know that my clients will invent solutions that reflect their unique goals and identities. I rejoice when clients develop their own ideal solutions.

I respect the journey. Each client’s path is unique. I listen actively and craft custom organizational and life plans.

I expect joy. Organization is uplifting. I rely on best practices in coaching to ensure that the time we spend with our clients is energizing.

I care for the environment. I am knowledgeable about ways to minimize waste and create sustainable living and working spaces. I share these resources with my clients, providing environmentally sound options whenever possible.

I nurture community. My business is built on trust. I maintain comfortable working relationships with clients and support the efforts of others who are working to better our community.