Are you on the Marie Kondo craze?

Are you on the Marie Kondo craze?

Happy New Year!

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your winter holidays, no matter what you celebrated, or how.  The best part of my holiday was getting time to step back from my action packed life of business, kids activities, computers and just BE for a few days.

To just BE in our current world is definitely outside the norm for me and most other humans. Most of the time I’m juggling so many balls, I need to join a circus and get paid for it. And I know that many of you feel the exact same way. Sometimes, I’m juggling with success and confidence, and other times, I’m dropping balls left and right, plus somehow more balls are being thrown at me. Getting away to just BE and unplugging to just BE was truly restful and very needed for my body. mind and spirit.

It got me thinking about how to bring more BEING time into my everyday juggling life. I started observing what my time is being filled with, what tasks and responsibilities I’m taking on and allowing to occupy my days. It’s all the normal stuff of an American life- work, sleep, tending my physical form (while also encouraging my kids to do the same) and tending the physical world around me. In the physical world there’s so much stuff- much of which I’m extremely grateful to have to tend- like a home and a car and a bathtub. Yet some of these physical world things that I’m tending-i.e. constantly cleaning or getting my kids to pick up, I don’t want or need in my life. As Marie Kondo suggests they don’t pass the joy test.

In the midst of pondering the time and energy the physical world takes to handle, Marie Kondo launched her newest endeavor- her Netflix show. (I admit I haven’t watched it yet, and I will in the near future.) Everyone I’ve talked to since January first, and I mean everyone, except my husband and kids, has brought up her new show. I’ve heard all sorts of opinions, read dissenting articles and I just nod for now. I’m familiar with the KonMarie method, having read her books and tried out her methods in different situations with clients and myself. And as the Netflix nation clears out their houses, begins “Tidying Up” and maxes out thrift stores everywhere, I’ve come to an awareness about what fills my days and how to capture more BEING time.


People come to me for organizing support for many reasons, and the most common reason clients want to declutter, purge and organize is to have more time. For some clients, it’s time for travel, for others it’s time with their kids, and for others it’s to start a new business.  For me, I want time to do things I love- like painting, hiking, yoga, teaching workshops, playing games with my kids and just BEING. So to get that, I’ve got to have less stuff. This is always easier said than done. It’s a process to sort through belongings and decide what to keep, what is necessary and what can go.

With my pending home renovation, (Update-were getting closer to ready each week, plans are in the finalization stage, but I’m going to wait till the rain stops before I take the roof off.) I know my family is going to have to vacate the premises. We need to remove almost everything from the house, store it and then move it back. This seems like a perfect opportunity to “tidy up”, to release physical possessions that I spend more time tending than enjoying. I’m not going to KonMarie my way through all this because as I’ve written before, it can be another expectation unfulfilled. But I’m ready to push restart on the items that fill my physical space. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes as we prep for this change.