Quick Closet Clean Out

Quick Closet Clean Out

I was working with a client who has many areas of her life she is trying to “clean up” right now. And we came to the closet… to the place where she keeps the skins she wears out into the world. The contents of your closet can be very revealing about what you think of […]

How Evernote Kept Me Sane: Summer Vacations

My family and I are in the midst of planning our summer trips. On the calendar: 2 big road trips into the Western states of the US. I am super excited! We are camping in 3 different state or national parks, staying in at least 5 different towns/ cities in-between. It is hard to keep […]

Too Many Weeds in My Garden

All throughout the winter months, I watched the weeds get out of control and take over my front yard. Both my kids and I were sick a lot this winter so preventing my front yard from becoming a jungle was not possible. Once spring was here and we were all healthy again, I became overwhelmed […]

Is Life Speeding Up?

My life has sped up lately. It is amazing how fast I go. I feel that weekdays are a blur of work and school and kids activities. Weekends are only a bit slower. Moments I want to cherish are slipping by every day. So what am I going to do about this? I do not […]


Accountability Are you getting your goals for 2013 accomplished? I know, life is busy, and it is easy to get distracted and forget what we set out to do.  How can we be accountable to ourselves for those things we dream of doing, those goals that are important, but somehow get forgotten? Here are a […]

Stuff Takes Over Our Lives!

A great storage company in San Francisco created this and I wanted to share it with everyone.  It is a great example of how much of our time and money is eaten up by our stuff. Check out City Stash.  They have a very unique take on storage for city dwellers. Did you know that […]

Learn to Say No Gracefully- It Takes Practice

I was standing outside my kid’s school recently when I heard a parent comment about being too busy.  She listed all the kid’s activities and all the volunteer projects she had going on at school and at church.  She sounded exhausted, but resigned, like she had no choice in the matter. But I want to […]

Organizing Kids Rooms Today

All parents know the difficulty of getting children to clean up.  You ask, nag, give up, make it a game, and still it’s a problem.  So what is a parent to do?  Organize!  Organizing your children’s rooms can make tidying up much easier. One of the key elements to having an organized and easy to […]

A New Year, A New Way

A New Year, A New Way I want to wish you a wonderful New Year and talk a bit about what a new year can mean to you.  Everyone has their own rituals and ways of welcoming the year and saying goodbye to last one.  One thing many people seem to have in common is […]


It is a gorgeous day outside and has been for a while here in the Bay Area.  I know we need rain but I love the sun.  And speaking of loving I have so much more of it in my life since I started cultivating gratitude. It may sound a bit strange but the more […]