Beyond Spring Cleaning

It is starting to feel like spring outside. Flowers are blooming. Birds are building nests.  With all the rain keeping you inside, it’s a great time for “Beyond Spring Cleaning”. What is that, you say? Beyond Spring Cleaning is letting go of unnecessary clutter and organizing specific areas of your home.   This welcomes spring’s natural energies of growth and renewal, to revitalize your home.

Beyond Spring Cleaning can be Four Simple Steps with one big impact.

One, start by choosing one area of your home you want to revitalize.  Go stand in the space and evaluate it. What works in the space? What does not work in the space?  What is causing clutter, disorganization and stuck energy?  How do you want this space to feel? Write your answers down and create a goal. Post it in the area, so that you are reminded of it as you work.

Two, plan the space: Most rooms should have no more than three activities areas or it becomes difficult to focus. Think about the supplies involved for each activity and how they can be stored.  It is efficient to store supplies where they are used, so they are easily retrieved and returned. Consider using storage that you already have on hand.  For example, storage can be trunks that are also coffee tables, armoires for TVs, bookshelves with baskets on them.

Three, schedule the time: Beyond spring cleaning can take one to one and a half days to revitalize most rooms. Mark the days on your calendar and use the goal you posted to keep motivated.

Four, you are ready to transform the area into what you want it to be!  Make it happen by sorting, purging, assigning homes, containerizing and balancing.

  • Now, rearrange furniture and set up the activity zones. (Sometimes this step comes first, in the middle or last.)
  • Go through everything in the room and group similar items together, sorting them into piles or boxes.
  • Once you have sorted everything, decide what to keep and what to pass on. It can be very hard to let go of things, whether they were a gift or a memento from a trip.  Ask yourself if the item gives you joy everyday.  Getting rid of things that don’t bring you joy everyday gives you room in your life to welcome in new energy and creativity that will. Sometimes having a friend as purging partner can really help with this challenging task.
  • Next you’re ready to assign homes. Remember, you are only assigning homes to items for the three activity zones in the room, all other thing need to go.  “A place for everything and everything in its place” will keep your space more organized and easier to clean up.
  • Choosing containers is fun.   There are so many types of containers, ones for every style, taste or budget.  Do whatever works for you.  Here are a couple guidelines.  Each box is for a single purpose.  Label containers or the shelf so that others know where to return things.
  • And lastly, add color, flair, and decorations that create the energy you desire in your newly designed space.

Once you have completed you Beyond Spring Cleaning, step back and look at your room.   Take a moment and breathe in the freshness of an organized space. Beyond Spring Cleaning will free you from clutter to enjoy the spring weather! Don’t forget to keep the space looking great by doing daily, weekly and monthly maintenance.

If you find yourself excited about the possibilities but feeling overwhelmed to start on your own, Serene Space would be glad to jump start your spring projects.

Happy Spring and good luck with your “Beyond Spring Cleaning!