Can the holidaze be a sane and happy time?

Can the holidaze be a sane and happy time?

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the United States.

Thanksgiving is the kick off to the winter holiday season. So before you’ve eaten lovely food and spent warm and fun times with family and friends, I wanted to take a moment to help you prepare for the holidays.

In our culture, the winter holiday time can be fun and exciting, but it also can be a whirlwind of BUSY. There’s parties and shopping and getting together with friends and family.

To stay sane, enjoy yourself and make the holidaze more like holidays, it takes a little preparation. The preparation is mental and emotional plus some serious time management. I’ve written many articles over the years about keeping your sanity and enjoying the holidays. So this year, I’m sharing with you past articles that will help you have a joyful holiday season

If you’re an entrepreneur, the holidays can be challenging because you’ve not only got all the personal fun to have, but you’ve still got to keep the business running. It is possible to keep your business running and enjoy the holidays with some creative adjustments.

Holidays with the kids is fun and exciting and what they remember most in years to come are the little rituals you create as a family. And there are plenty of ways to give them gifts without cluttering up your home and lives.

But let’s not forget about you and how you can keep yourself from getting holidazed. First you’ve got to prepare yourself and  get organized for the holidays. If you do all this you’ll be able to create a beautiful winter wonderland that fills your cup.

I hope your Thanksgiving and the start of the holidays is enjoyable, relaxing and filled with fun.