How Evernote Kept Me Sane: Conference Images and Notes

I was lucky to attend the Wisdom 2.0 Conference last weekend and there was so much to learn and contemplate, I wanted to be able to capture the most precious moments and thoughts. So, I created a Wisdom 2.0 note in Evernote and was able to put photos from slide shows and copies of my […]

Self-Care: Do We Breathe Deeply Enough?

I recently learned that on average, we as humans only take in enough oxygen on each breathe for minimal sustenance.  We actually need about 3 times the amount we normally breathe to thrive.  This reminded me of one of my favorite brief, cheap, accessible to everyone, self-care activities.  I recommend a technique to my clients […]

Evernote Keeps Me Sane- Reference Material

Sometimes I stumble across a great blog or a website that has content I want to reference or read later.  I want all my reading material in one place (blogs, article, e-books, etc.)  So, using the Evernote WebClipper to save the future reading or reference material to Evernote helps me easily access it when I […]

8 Steps to Making Your Dreams Reality

A few weeks ago, I held a workshop where participants imagined their perfect life, 5 years in the future.  Then the participants spent time creating vision boards.  Vision Boards are a collection of words and images, glued down and looked at on a regular basis. But once that vision, those dreams are looking you in […]

Evernote Keeps Me Sane: Book List

I love to read.  Sometimes I think if I could find a way to get paid, just to read, that would be the best career for me.  Fiction is my favorite because I love the escape, the plot, the story.  It pulls me in and I can become a fairy on a hillside or a […]

Creating a Cozy and Sacred Space for Winter

The solstice has passed. We are moving towards the light.  Yet, winter is full blown right now.  And the crisp air wakes me with a shiver. So, as my side of the earth settles into winter, there are a few things that I begin to think about and do to create a home and life […]

Rejuvenate Your Idea of Self Care

I spend much of my time caring for others: 2 kids, a household, my clients, 3 cats, 5 chickens, a fish… get the idea. So, when do I take care of myself? As often as I can; weekly and daily! All of us define self care differently.  I think the media and American tradition defines […]

Do You Really Need New Year’s Resolutions ?

Every year many of us make New Year’s Resolutions.  We are going to eat better, exercise, go to church regularly, call our mother, get more sleep, make more money, play with our kids, travel to….but did you know only 8% of those are achieved according to Statistic Brain Research Institute. As a coach, I support […]

Before You Jump into 2016- Reflect

Before You Jump into 2016- Reflect

This week I was feeling bit overwhelmed and down on myself for not keeping up with it all- and then I caught myself-  I was sinking into the thinking “I have to do it all and be it all.” As a  mother, who volunteers both at school and out, has an active spiritual life and […]

How Evernote Keeps Me Sane

I have been using Evernote for almost 4 years now and each year I find more and more ways to use it.  In 2015, I began keeping all my receipts in it.  I have a notebook titled “Accounting 2015” and I forward electronic receipts from my email, I scan physical ones, and I clip any […]