Closing out the year with reflections

Closing out the year with reflections

Even though the official start to winter is still a couple weeks away, I’m feeling the cold in my bones. I believe it’s because the days are so short as we approach the solstice. And isn’t it funny that the longest night of the year, the lowest point in the light cycle of the sun, starts winter. It seems to me that December with its super short days and (lucky) rain here in California is more like winter than February and March will ever be.

As I let winter seep into my bones and I bring light inside my house, I’ve slowed down to reflect on this last year, to acknowledge what I’ve learned and accomplished and then started dreaming about what’s next.  (I’ll start sharing my dreams for next year soon) But for now I’m revisiting what I wrote this year as a reflection of those things I’ve learned and accomplished.

I started off the year by working to acknowledge perfection in the imperfections, and rounded March by saying to hell with the household chores. As I stepped into spring I was considering how to treasure items even as we let them go, but half way through the year my life went crazy and now as the year comes to a close I’m returning to keeping myself anchored with small everyday rituals. I’m thankful to have had this year, to have grown and learned and changed into more of who I’m meant to be.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my year. Please share what you’ve learned and accomplished this year, too.

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