Clutter Free Gifts

Clutter Free Gifts

As I have written about in Minimalist Christmas with Kids there’s ways to do gifts with out the clutter of more stuff.

The shopping frenzy of the holidays can be fun. It can be great to get a bunch of presents, anticipating how each person will love that sweater or new book. But it can also feel forced, we get pushed to find something- ANYTHING- for people just because we need to give gifts. It’s a fast, fierce and exhausting experience, atlas for me.

And in my day to day work, I see clients’ homes and offices that are brimming over with things that we like, but don’t love. Or things we don’t even like but feel obligated to keep because Aunt Selma gave it to us.

For that reason I created a Clutter Free gift giving guide. I hope you enjoy it.
Clutter Free Gifts:

  • Gift Cards to Activities- whether it’s a dance class, painting class, night out on the town- restaurants or bars
  • Donations made in peoples names to causes they would like to support
  • Personally made coupons- foot massage, a trip to the movies, art day with your kid, babysitting services for those desperate parents who need to get out of the house.
  • Kindle/ E-books- for those readers out there, they’ve already got the device, they just want more juicy books- especially the ones you can’t find at the local library
  • Time- time promised and delivered with a grandparent, kid, spouse, friend- plan an activity and spend time together.

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