Crying over electrical boxes and starting again

Crying over electrical boxes and starting again

I hope your New Year is off to a great start, but if it’s not, remember you can start again. Each day, each minute, each breath is a chance to begin again.

I’m learning and re-learning that with each part of the house construction project I tackle. I think something is going to go one way, and…..

it doesn’t.

I get an idea in my head but building it in the physical world is difficult, isn’t possible, or just costs too much money.

I’ve been off Facebook, IG and generally not writing for the last month because I have luckily gotten a little time off with my family, but mostly, I’ve been knee deep in dust, dirt, hammers, and misplacing my measuring tape.

I was so proud of myself for installing the electrical boxes for all the outlets and switches in the house, only to learn I’m going to have to reset some of them. I set them too close to doorways and we need room for the trim. When my sweet husband let me know this, I almost cried. It was the end of a busy day and I was so let down. 

Yet instead of crying, I decided I was finished with anything house related. I had already designed a tile layout, discussed and planned for the sheet rock delivery and finalized cabinet placement for the kitchen (plus you know all the other things of running a business and a family).

I knew I needed to stop, breath and get some rest.

And you know what, I woke up the next day ready to start again. I had the perspective to know that moving a few switches isn’t a big deal. I was able to be kind to myself because I’m learning how to do this build a house thing. I was ready to begin again.

And the same can be true for you. You get a fresh start anytime you want it, not only at the beginning of a year. 

We may set goals for ourselves and fall off the horse, but we can still get back on. We may decide to start a new habit and then forget, but we can try it again and again till it becomes a habit. 

Starting over and over plus being kind to ourselves will help us get to those goals and in my case, it’ll help me build my house with a little bit of sanity remaining.

Enjoy the photos!