Did I Pay That Bill?

Did I Pay That Bill?

There are piles of papers on the floor next to the desk, on the kitchen table, in boxes all around the garage.  This is a typical description of many of my clients spaces before we start organizing.  Papers seems to be one of the hardest things for people to tackle.  I have plenty of clients who can handle all the other minutia of life but paper organizing eludes them.

One common thread I notice in all these situations is no system for managing mail, bills and accounting.  And this is true for personal and business clients.

I’d love to hand you a perfect system right here on the page that fits your needs, but everyone functions so differently that I can’t.  But…. I can guarantee you that if you set aside time monthly or bi-monthly to go through your mail, pay your bills and check on your finances, most of the paper will start to diminish, not to mention the worry and stress that will lessen too.

Plus you can ask me questions and get personalized answers for free about any organizing challenges at the end of May. (link to Your Organized life call)

Your method for doing your monthly accounting will be individual, based on your situation, your way of working and your thinking.  To make it easier for yourself in the future, write down what you do as you do it.  Then BAM, you have a system you can follow next month, and the following one too.

You can get started with this today!

  1. Decide how often you need to review your bills and finances- once a month, bi monthly or weekly
  2. PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR (don’t skip this step- it’ll make it so much more likely to happen)
  3. Start collecting all your mail in one location
  4. Sit down on your scheduled day and open mail, pay bills and check out your accounts.
  5. When your finished, notice how you feel.  Relieved? Worried? Calmer? Confident?  Whatever it is just notice.
  6. REWARD YOURSELF- it can be small and free, but take a moment to celebrate the first steps of bringing your papers under control and lessening your stress.

If you find yourself still confused, overwhelmed and unsure where to start with the piles of paper, let’s talk. I’m booking clients for September and I’ve only got 3 spots left and maybe it’s just for you.