Email’s a Bitch- Well…. at least something that seems untamable

Email’s a Bitch- Well…. at least something that seems untamable

How many emails are in your Inbox?
More than you can count?

How important is most of it?
If you’re like me, most of its of very little importance.

I have two email addresses so that I can keep personal and business lives separate. It works well in that regard but it also means I have two emails to check, two inboxes to sort through, etc. All in all I like the system, because I can focus on work when working and not get sidetracked by my kids PTA newsletter or a special deal from Zappos when I need to be working. But… my personal inbox is almost always overflowing with emails. In the past I felt like I neglected things or missed out, but I’ve slowly come to accept that there is no way to do it all, read it all, respond to every email that comes my way personally.

After weeks of my personal email always being full and having triple digit unread emails and letting myself be stressed by it all, I had a little heart to heart with myself. I thought about all my clients who struggle with this very problem, I thought about all the priorities and boundaries I set in other areas of my life and teach my clients to set up as well. I realized that I needed to be kinder to myself, I needed to let it go, release the obligation to read it all, respond to it all and set up priorities around personal email.

And what I came up with was a way to stay on top of my business email (because hey it’s my business and my livelihood) while being ok with the state of my personal inbox. I set up a system that works for me, keeps me updated about the goings on of my personal and family life but lets me focus on life, off the computer and phone.

Through this experience and the experience of working with clients setting up personalized email systems I have come to the conclusion there’s no right way of doing email (or most things) but a way to do it that works for each individual.

Inbox zero is a great concept but having other priorities and a life not constantly attached to a device is more important.

In order for you to get a better handle on your email inbox and set up a system that works for you join me for the Take Back Your Inbox Challenge starting on April 16th. It’ll be 5 days of tips and ideas to make your email more manageable. Sign up here.