Everyday rituals

Everyday rituals

I’m not the kind of spiritual practitioner or person who can stick with the same daily ritual for months on end. I get bored, the rituals don’t fill me up as much, or my sleep cycle gets out of wack (thanks insomnia). And yet I crave those touchstones in my mornings and evenings, those bookends to my day. The way I start my day and end it feels important.

So periodically, I find myself floating in a realm without simple daily habits and rituals that ground me. I’ve yet to figure out how to gracefully transition from what was working to the next thing. There’s usually a break and I don’t realize it till I’m feeling out of sorts and disconnected.

Being in the midst of crazy lately caused the loss of my daily practices and simultaneously made me hear the wake up call to how much I really need those practices.

Everyday I give to clients the guidance to be kind to themselves, so I’m following my own council. I’m not going to criticize myself for getting to this point, I’m going to say, “oops.” and then figure out how to remedy this.

But why do I even need these everyday rituals?  And why would I write about them? Because when I’ve got these daily rituals, these tiny moments to start and close my day, EVERYTHING else is better.  I’m more present, my intuition is spot on, and my general health and well being are better, plus sooo much more. I’m sharing this with you because I know the power of everyday rituals. I know that if you take a pause in your day, you too can have everything be better (even if only a little bit). Whether it’s prayer or meditation or just saying nice things to yourself as you shower.  I’ve learned it matters less, how long I spend on it, as it does that I do it every day.

As I create my new habits, I have to start small, even though I’d love an hour or more to meditate and do yoga and go for a walk and light some candles and connect with the divine and ground and settle into my body and….I want this to be achievable and sustainable (at least until I get bored, sleep changes or I need a change in general) so I start small.  What’s going to feel good?  What can bring me back to center in the morning?  What can close my day at night?

I’ve created these small personal practices for years so within a few minutes of quiet solitude outside I can tap into what’s going to do the magic trick for me in this season.

I know what it is now and even started this morning.  It took 3 minutes and I already feel better today than I did yesterday. So if you find yourself wanting a touchstone to start and end your day, what’s going to work for you? What can you do for 30 seconds, for 2 minutes that can bring you back to yourself? Please email me and tell me if you create something for yourself!