Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Perhaps a life change spurs this need. Or maybe it’s the frenetic pace of life; you may find yourself working more and more hours with little time for family and other pleasures.

How do you work with clients?

I work with clients hands-on, through the phone, and skype. Any of these modalities can be combined to create an effective and affordable solution for your organizational  and coaching needs.


What happens when we chat on the phone the first time? (about 20 minutes)

I’ll ask lots of questions and encouraged you to ask questions as well. This enables us to get to know one another so we can see what challenges you are facing and if we would work well together.


What happens during our first hands-on appointments?

Together, we’ll explore the space or areas in your life in need of change and begin to formulate a plan. As we discuss your organizational and coaching needs, I’ll take notes and assist you in clarifying and prioritizing your goals and vision.

From there forward, I’ll work closely with you, as a mentor.  I’ll be there to guide you through both difficult and fun times. I’ll offer multiple solutions to problems as they arise. You, of course, have the final say in decisions. We’ll work as a team, to achieve shared goals.

What do I have to do during these appointments?

To create the desired changes, it’s important that you commit to being present, both mentally and physically. This means letting phone calls go to voice mail and taking care of childcare and other needs before I arrive.

How long are hands-on appointments?

3 hour minimum and 6 hour maximum- In order to make visible and effective changes, we need time to take an area apart, sort, purge, and organize the area back into place. It’s important that your space is well organized and in great shape at the conclusion of each and every session


What happens during these appointments?

We jump on the phone for 60 minutes to talk about whatever is suckiest in your life at that moment.  We can focus on organizational issues, family challenges, or anything that is getting in the way of you finding joy, even in the toughest moments.


img_6830Heather works in the San Francisco’s East Bay and the Tri-Valley area for onsite work. And works internationally using video and voice technology.

When you’re organized, you:

  • Finish projects on time
  • Feel confident making agreements, knowing you can keep those agreements
  • Welcome new possibilities because you are able to take action and follow through
  • Find what you need when you need it
  • Focus when the task demands it
  • Retrieve important information
  • Arrive on time, honoring commitments and keeping appointments
  • Create beauty in your personal life and in your work

I’m here to guide you through the process of defining your life vision, setting and reaching goals to enable that vision, and enjoying the journey through it all. (Yes, I said enjoying the journey. It’s possible, and if you spend a season with me you’ll know how great it is.)