The first day of spring is here

The first day of spring is here.  Can you feel the warmth of the sun increasing?  The days are longer and those early blossoms are in full bloom.  It is a great time to revisit the goals you set for 2013.

I have received a few questions about the topics of my newsletters over the last few months.  The primary one being: What does goal setting, positive thinking, and gratitude have to do with organizing?  So I thought I would explain.

One of my goals for 2013 was to broaden the way in which I work with clients.
Over the last few years, I began helping each client with filing, storage, or time managements systems.  Although the systems solved many of the problems clients faced, I discovered that there were larger, underlying challenges in each situation.

No situation was exactly the same, but I did find that once I started coaching clients on the underlying outlook on life that the transformations they were making shifted from small day-to-day things to life changing.

The reasons we get disorganized or run late or cannot manage to accomplish that which we desire, are often caused by our inner world.  We have dragons as Anacaria Myrhha puts it in her book, An Invitation to an Extraordinary Life, that sabotage our good intentions.

So all these deep emotional, mental, and even spiritual issues can keep us from getting the life we desire.  It may seem that it is the kids’ toys or the stuff in the garage from your parent’s house that are causing the blocks.  Those things definitely cause problems, but if we only address the stuff, then something else will creep in to that space to wreak havoc again.

The clients who work with me using a holistic, coaching approach to organizing are seeing the most transformation.  This approach incudes, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects, as well as, finding the right container for the right space.

So if your 2013 goals need a jump-start, contact me to begin to have the life you desire.

Happy Equinox