Giving Up Things to Have More…

Giving Up Things to Have More…

It has been hard not to pursue all my passions.  I have been a pianist, dancer, visual artist, teacher, mom and entrepreneur, gardener, organizer, coach, the list goes on and on.  But what has come to be important to me since having kids, is taking time to decide what my focus will be.  That means deciding what priority I am going to focus on currently and sticking to it for a while.


I have to give up some things in order to have more…


More of what’s important. More of what I need.


So how do you figure out what to give up and what stays?


That is a tough question!


I use a two sided approach to this challenge.  I recommend you look at the reality of your time, schedule, personal needs, etc.  AND notice what is really important to you. You can reach a balance between these two.  It may mean a more messy house, or one less activity per kid, or a little less money because you cut your work hours.  But if you really look at what you are getting by giving something else up, it might not matter. You will be fulfilling a part of you that needs attention and care, plus the dishes will always be there.


Different times throughout the experience of being a full time mom and a business owner, I have had to pare down what I was doing, had to get real about my expectations.  This didn’t mean giving up everything- actually it meant for me, digging deeper into one or two things so that I could feel satisfied by what I was doing, not about what I wasn’t.


So what are you going to focus on right now?


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