Going analogue- aka playing outside this summer

Going analogue- aka playing outside this summer

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the digital realm. In the last 2 months I’ve held free webinars on email sanity, supported a bunch of people through the Take Back your Inbox challenge and created the Tame your Tech Chaos masterclass. I’ve done all this focused work so I can go analogue as much as possible this summer.

What do I mean by analogue?

I mean that I want to be off devices as much as possible. I want to be outside, playing, writing, doing art, napping, yoga, whatever strikes my fancy and is not looking at a screen.

In order to help me have an analogue life this summer I did a 21 day challenge to cut back on cell phone use with my coach. I installed an app called Moment which tracks phone use. I installed it at the end of March and then started making more conscious decisions to take breaks from my phone, to limit when I looked at social media, and to silence my phone most of the time. In the month since I’ve installed it, my phone use has dropped from 3 hours/day to 1.5 hours/day. And once I unplugged a little bit, I was more present and happy. I completed work faster and got bored a few times.

If you read my writing regularly, you know I think technology is great and so is art and time outdoors and adventures.  Just by using mindfulness and a tech tool to help me accurately track my phone usage, I gained 1.5 hours of my day back for whatever I want.

There’s a bunch of apps out there that do this and similar things.  For iPhone Moment seems to be the best. they are coming out with an android app in the future, but in the meantime there’s Menthal or Checkyapp. I’d love to hear how using an app to watch your phone use gets you more analogue this summer.