It is a gorgeous day outside and has been for a while here in the Bay Area.  I know we need rain but I love the sun.  And speaking of loving I have so much more of it in my life since I started cultivating gratitude.

It may sound a bit strange but the more I appreciate what I have and the experiences life offers me the better things get.

Last month, I met a new friend, and she taught me a way to develop gratitude.  She suggested that every night I write down 10 things I am grateful for that day.  The list includes big things like my kids and little things like a particular yummy dinner, or a new pair of socks.  When I started doing this I felt a little silly, but now it is a wonderful way to end my day.  Even those nights I turn the light off before I remember; I lie in bed thinking of things that I am grateful for as I fall asleep.

And I have to say, that great things keep happening to me.  I keep meeting amazing new friends, getting clients I love, making more money and even having more patience with my kids.  By offering up my gratitude the universe wants to give me more.  Or maybe because I feel so much gratitude, I notice all the wonderful things as they come to me.

So as I share this with you, I would love to know what you do or have done in your life to develop gratitude.  How do you show thanks for all the amazing things you are given?

Make it an amazing day!