I’ll Dance a Jig Once I’m Organized.

I’ll Dance a Jig Once I’m Organized.

Yesterday, I did something that felt indulgent and daring. I set up an outside painting area for myself. I’ve been wanting to get back to painting, wanting to move the pigments and mediums around the canvas and see what happens. I’ve been wanting to loose myself in the process of creation.

BUT…. I kept postponing the painting…
…..kept telling myself I can’t paint for pleasure because I have too many other things to do.

Well, with the encouragement of my coach (and the inspiration of watching Ms. Fiesty- my daughter- do art project after art project this summer) I set it up. I know that it’s there waiting for me whenever I need a break from writing, or planning or just doing the dishes.

The statement I kept telling myself is so similar to the ones I hear from clients and attendees at my workshops. There seems to be this unsaid rule that you can’t do something special or indulgent until you’re organized. I want to challenge this unsaid rule, I want to give you permission to do it anyway.

And I’m giving you permission because I just gave myself that same permission.

For many of you, it may not be getting “organized” that is the requirement for doing the indulgent thing. It wasn’t for me. It was getting caught up on work projects, fixing a few things around my house, getting back to weeding the yard now that my allergies aren’t too bad, but no matter what it is that’s your prerequisite, do the indulgent thing anyway.

Go paint, install that garden, read a novel, go on a vacation, take a nap, walk in the woods, start going to yoga…whatever you’re postponing for the until…. do it NOW.

Why would the organizing professional tell you to do the fun thing before the organized thing? Well… because the fun thing’s going to give you energy. The indulgent thing is going to inspire you. The special activity is going to make you feel who you really are. And that in turn will help you get to the organizing because you’ll have energy, be inspired and be connected to a deeper part of you.