Laundry is my nemesis

Laundry is my nemesis

I can’t tell you how many times people make the assumption that my house is super organized and that I have everything together, ALL THE TIME. So I wanted to let you in on a secret: Just because I’m an organizer and coach, helping people get their lives a bit more together doesn’t mean my life, my house, or my office are always looking good and functioning.

I’m a human with two kids, three cats, a couple chickens and a husband. There’s lots of fur and socks and random toys on the floor. But the thing that’s the hardest for me to handle and stay on top of is laundry. Last week, the chair next to the washer and dryer had reached maximum capacity. It’d been filling with laundry for over a week. At one point I thought some fairy must have folded some of it because the pile looked smaller, then I realized that my cat had just slept on it and helped smush it down.

I’m not sure why laundry is so hard for me to keep up with- I’ve passed on the responsibility of my kids clothes to them, my husband does his own, but I’m still left with my own clothes and the sheets and towels. This shouldn’t be so hard, but with life swirling around me- full client load, kids’ performances this month, a couple pot lucks, daylight ending way too soon, I got behind- really far behind.

But the wonderful thing is I can catch up. I can start at the top of that pile and fold and keep going, one thing at a time till the chair is finally usable again. And this is true for any mess, any disorganization. We just have to start at the top and deal with things one at a time. My laundry didn’t take weeks to go through, like your garage did, it took hours. But your garage didn’t get filled in a few hours.

I saw a great quote last week as my laundry pile got higher and higher- it said “Excuse the mess, but we live here” And I loved it. I loved it because that what’s happening in our homes and offices. We are living in them, creating in them and growing in them, it’s bound to get messy along the way.