Lose your rhythm?

Without the rhythms that ruled my days in the past (school start times, yoga classes, circus training, soccer), I’m confused as to when to work, when to exercise, when to support my kids with school work. All the systems I created for my life, whether they were time management, client enrollment, or newsletter development and writing, have all needed adjusting for our new shelter in place life. The changes to my time management and the professional expectations I held for myself were big. Other routines needed small tweaks to make them feel in alignment with the changing times we live in. 

I want my life and my business to reflect the fluidity of our current situation, which means, I’ve got to be willing to adjust the way I did things in the past to stay flowing into the future.

Right now I’m thankful for having business (and life) systems that are still flowing with small changes, but also thankful that I’m not starting from scratch trying to create a system to keep my business afloat or my clients well cared for during this pandemic. I’ve already got these systems in place and so it’s easier to make alterations as needed.

Many of my clients and past clients are feeling the same way. They are thankful for the systems we’ve created in their businesses. Those systems (although needing small changes now) are keeping them focused on what they feel is important in each moment.

However, many other small business owners have shared with me how hard it is to currently run their business without the systems they’ve been meaning to implement for ages. They may have a way they do things, but as one new client put it, it’s the “higgledy-piggledy” method. 

Do you have “higgledy-piggledy” ways of doing things in your business?

Is your way of getting things accomplished always changing?

Is it cobbled together using too many apps and tools and it takes forever to complete because remembering what to do next or how to do it is exhausting?

It was hard to do things the “higgledy-piggledy” way before we landed in our current situation of so many unknowns. Now accomplishing anything in business is even harder. 


if you’ve got kids- you’ve got less time and more responsibility.

if you’re human- you’ve got feelings- big ones- about the state of our world right now.

if you’ve got older parents, you’re worried about their health and safety.

if you’re at higher risk of complications from COVID-19- you’ve got to take extra care.

It’s ok if things feel harder- because they are. (Let me know all about it here!)

And….you can make things easier for yourself. 

Creating rhythm in your life AND systems in your business will help tremendously. 

Now is the time to have the support a system offers you. When the shit hits the fan our systems are what hold us up. They are what keep things going while we break down and have a cry or veg out with our kids watching all the Harry Potter movies. (Yes, I did that last month.) 

Learn how to create a recipe for routines or to start documenting your business operations  and you’ll feel better. 

I’m available to support you in creating or tweaking whatever system or routine you most need right now. I’d be honored to bring more rhythm and ease into your world. Send me an email letting me know what you need.