Making Time to Organize

Many people think they have to find time to organize, but really the trick is to make the time.
You need to schedule a block of time to tackle a single project.

I hear people say, “I am going to organize my house this weekend.”, or “I am going to clean out my whole office today.”  Usually this ends in a very frustrated individual.

So, today, I am going to give you a few tips to get started on an organizing project.
•    Start small- decide what area to organize, it can be as small as the junk drawer in the kitchen, or half the linen closet.
•    Set aside more time than you think you need.  Nothing is worse than running out of time and being left with a bigger mess than before.
•    Get together supplies you will need in advance- garbage bags, recycling container, hazardous waste disposal if that will be necessary, a few boxes or containers to store small items in, and a box for items that need to go else where in the office or house.  Put those things away later.
•    If you feel daunted or overwhelmed, ask a supportive friend or family member to help.
•    Take things out and sort into like categories. Toss old, broken or useless items.  Donate or give away what you do not need or have too many of.
•    See how much storage and what kind of containers would work best in the space.  Measure twice before purchasing anything.
•    Put your area back together.

Approximate times to clean out and organize a few areas-
Kitchen junk drawer- 30 minutes- 1 hour
Small Linen Closet- 2 hours
One Full File Drawer- Up to 3 hours
Average desk piled 2 inches high ( if items already have a place to go)- 1-2 hours