Marie Kondo: Another Standard To Live Up To; Or NOT?

It seems like every new organizing or coaching client I meet brings up the Marie Kondo book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. There are a few distinct reactions. Some people love it, and are using it as an inspiration and guide to “tidy up”. Others hate it. Then there is another group- the group that feels inadequate compared to the standards and methods laid out in Kondo’s book. I want to speak to those of you in this group.

Every time there is a new cultural phenomenon (and I would call the popularity of this book a phenomenon) there is cultural peer pressure to follow the new trend. I like what Kondo has to offer in her ideas of simplicity and finding joy in the things that we choose to surround ourselves with, but the methods and standards set by her book are definitely not for everyone.

This type of minimalism is gaining popularity, but what if it is not your mode of operation? Way of thinking? Processing or creating space? This takes us back to one basic but huge idea:

Stop judging yourself!

Stop judging yourself for getting impatient with your kids, not exercising enough or not finding joy in tidying up.

I give you permission to take what you need from others, from books, from culture and LEAVE the rest. You know what is best for you. So before you hold up the standards of Marie Kondo, or anyone else for that matter, check in with yourself and feel. Does it help or hinder you? Find that which lifts you up and embrace it. Let go of what does not, with a unburdened conscience.