The Method and The Mode to being Organized for the Holidays

The Method and The Mode to being Organized for the Holidays

If you haven’t read the HOLIDAZED article, do so.

With a clear picture of what you want your holidays to be filled with you can get down to organizing it.

So what does it take to keep up with the events, the extra cooking, the shopping- both for gifts and for food, the menu planning, etc?

There are many tools and methods out there to help you remember things, both digitally and with pen and paper. There is no reason to carry around those lists in your head or even on scraps of paper.

Here is my recipe for Holiday Happiness:

The Mode:

You can use pen and paper with a notebook and a calendar, or even better, a notebook with a weekly view calendar inside. Or if you are tech savvy or just want to move that way, use your phone to keep you sane and organized. There are so many great apps out there to help you remember what to do, when to do it and where. It can be as simple as your note app on your phone, but there is Evernote, Wunderlist, Todoist and online calendars like Google, iCal and Cozi. You can save grocery lists and meal planning with Out of Milk, Plan to Eat and more.

All these apps can be overwhelming, so I recommend starting with just one app at a time. For this time of year I would recommend a shopping list app or a calendar if you don’t already use one.
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The Method:

  • Shopping lists: In your notebook or app create grocery store, department store (like Target, Macy’s, etc.) hardware store, office supply lists. And don’t forget your gift giving list too.
  • Calendar: add any event that you are attending or might attend (remember to check that feeling you are trying to create for the holidays). Is your calendar too full? Something’s got to go- you need sleep and downtime too.
  • Share your calendar with your family and friends as needed. Let your partner add events too, so you are both working together to create a special season. Taking note of the open spaces on your calendar will let you see when you can decorate as a family, get a tree, bring out the menorah, cook a few things in advance, grocery shop, etc.
  • Meal planning/ baking: if you have time on your calendar set for these events you can add your dishes (and potentially) even links to recipes in the notes of the calendar. Or you can keep these in your note app or notebook

I know it may seem like a lot to set up just before the busy holiday season. But a little preparation now will make the season exactly what you dreamed it could be- beautiful!