My hearts desires are overflowing my time. Happy Equinox

My hearts desires are overflowing my time. Happy Equinox

I was on a coaching call with a client last month and we developed the idea that we have a heart of desires bigger than our time capacity. It’s kind of like having eyes bigger than your stomach. We explored that one of the hardest parts of being a passionate, driven person is having to choose between all the bright and shiny things. Because it’s not good enough to just “fit” it all in, but to be able to drop in and do whatever we choose, deeply. So this means we have to decide what we want most and what we have to pass on, even though we’re pulled towards it.

As is usual a few times a year, I find myself at the point where my heart capacity is competing with my time, body, and energy capacity. I’ve had a busy summer, full of adventure and outward fun. And as I start to feel the seasons shift, the light changing, the air feeling crisp, my being demands that I readjust how much I’m out there, how I fill my days, weeks and weekends with all the bright and shiny things. The timing of this is perfect because today is the equinox. This is time of the year to begin the slow decent into winter, and part of that decent is to acknowledge that I will have less energy, less daylight and need more rest in the coming months.

When my client and I developed the heart capacity v. time capacity idea, I jumped into my left brain and started thinking about some sort of scale to rate the heart’s desires, so that setting priorities would be easier. Yet, I never figured out a scale, because my body chimed in and reminded me that my analytical brain is helpful for working out a schedule of shiny things, but first, I have to chose which shiny things to pursue. And that is where my body (and your body) excels, but only when we give it time and space to speak to us. My body is my best intuitive tool. What feels best in my body? Which project lights me up?  Which workshops give me energy?

I feel like my life might be at it’s fullest right now. I’ve got active kids, a thriving business, great friends, family I enjoy, a partner I love and new interests all the time. I’m always faced with tough decisions about how I want to use my time. Tapping into my body can ease the difficulty of making decisions between all the things my heart is pulled towards, as it can for you too.

So as the seasons change and my being demands I readjust, I’m going to return to my body. I need time to sit with these choices and let my body speak to me. I can do it while I’m walking or resting, but not in the midst of soccer practice or getting groceries, so I’m putting time aside to ponder, to connect and to get the answers.

Once I’ve got those answers, I want to live with the choices and relish in the decisions. I want enjoy what I choose, even through the challenges of it, because for some reason that’s where my intuition took me- to learn something, to connect with someone, to grow and become all that I’m becoming.

This is my theme of early fall. I’m re-examining what fills my time, I’m readjusting what feels right and I’m out in the community talking about it too. I’m speaking at three different events this fall and hosting my YOL webinar, too. Each time I’ll be focusing on a different part of creating harmony between one’s heart’s desires and one’s time capacity. I hope to see you at one of those live workshops or on the screen for the Your Organized Life webinar. (info to go out soon)