New Routine

For those of you who have children or function on the academic calendar, this time of year is like the beginning of the year.

If you are anything like me, I look forward to the summer holiday, enjoy it for a while, and then look forward to school starting again. Now that it has started, my family and I are working to get into new routines, including new bedtimes, new wake times, homework, activities, packing lunches, all of it.

It is a great time for changing habits and setting up new systems.  It can also be a hard time, for both our children and us.

Here are a few ideas for getting into your new routine:

•    Go slow; remember you have time to get this right. It does not have to be perfect from day one.

•    Think about new habits or ways of being that you want to create for you and your family.  How can you integrate these at this transition time?

•    Write down a schedule for each child or the whole family depending on how many activities everyone is involved in.  It helps to have homework time and unscheduled time in there as well.  Remember not to overschedule, you or the kids, that leads to burn out!

•    Notice if bedtime is working, is it too early, too late?

•    For the first month or so try to keep wake and bedtime the same, even on the weekends.

•    Choose a few tasks that your child is able to do on their own so that you are not expected to do everything. Is it making their lunch? Getting their clothes out for the next day? Making dinner once a week? Packing their bags for afterschool sports? Using an alarm clock?  They learn responsibility and get power, which makes them feel capable and smart. What works for your family?

•    Know that nothing is set in stone, alter the routine as you learn what is working and what is not.  Alter it when you or your child is going through changes.

I would love to hear how you are doing with your routines!

If you are struggling to put it all together, time management and family systems are some of my specialties.  So give me a call.