Your New Year’s Resolutions are Already Here

Your New Year’s Resolutions are Already Here

After the rush of shopping and parties and everything else, January can feel like a relaxing quiet time and maybe even a let down.

At the same time there is pressure to set goals and New Year’s resolutions. You can read my post on that from last year.

So, before you set those SMART goals and get your New Year’s resolutions all written down and scheduled (that’s how you make them happen, just so you know) take time to tap into what it is you really want.

You might want to lose weight, to fit into your favorite jeans again or make more money.

You might want to go out with friends more, travel to far away places, or have a more abundant garden, but all of those are just the surface desires.

What’s really behind all of these is something deeper. It’s a feeling you are after.

If it’s related to losing weight, the feeling you are going for is to physically feel great, love yourself and have confidence. If it’s going out with friends, you want to feel excitement about possibilities, you want to feel connection, you want to feel the support of community.

So what’s the feeling you’re looking for underneath those traditional New Year’s resolutions?

You got to dig deep to find it, but once you find it, it’s the best fuel for getting it, not later, not once you lose that weight or make more money.

Here’s how you find it and what to do with it once you’ve got it:

  • Settle into a quiet moment, relax your body the best way you know how. Close your eyes and picture yourself having that wish, that desired already fulfilled. Be yourself in that future moment. What’s that feeling you are experiencing in that future moment? Is it confidence? Is it love? Is it silliness? That is the gold right there, write it down, remember it, don’t forget it!
  • Now that you have your gold nugget, you’ve got motivation to work towards your goal, but you also have the ability to find that golden nugget feeling already in your life RIGHT NOW.
  • Start noticing anywhere in your life that you’re already feeling that feeling. When is it you feel confident? When do you feel loved, or silly? ENJOY IT. Bathe in that feeling, soaking it up by slowing down and enjoy those moments where that feeling already exists.

What you’re doing is tuning yourself in like a radio dial (for those of us who remember how to do that). You’ve got to get past the static of other stations and no reception to get that clear sound. You’re training yourself to tune into that feeling, that way you’re more likely to move towards it when making decisions about what to eat and with whom to spend your time. Which in turn, leads you closer to that weight loss or that night out with friends, because it is the feeling you are after not the cold hard facts. Tune your emotional radio correctly and you will be feeling great!

I hope this year was a great one for you and I would love to help you make next year even better. Check out how to Get your ACT Together for 2017.