Over-scheduled, sick and pissed off

Over-scheduled, sick and pissed off

Opening my calendar I cringe. I’m immediately tense and stressed. Everyday is filled with different color blocks of appointments and tasks, there’s not even space to eat lunch. I feel so worn out by trying to schedule something in the already overpacked calendar that I want to curl up and take a nap, and it’s only 10:30 in the morning.

This use to be a regular scene for me. Between my kids, my home and my business I didn’t have any free time, any space in my calendar to nourish myself both physically and mentally. I was so over-scheduled that most things overlapped and I was late or didn’t complete tasks entirely AND that meant much of the time I had to find another time to add that same thing back into my calendar.

Life sucked.
I was sick.
And I was PISSED off

The over filled calendar wasn’t about a life brimming over with amazing wonderful unicorn and rainbow stuff. It was filled with networking meetings I didn’t enjoy, and coffee with people who weren’t feeding my soul, and volunteer commitments I didn’t feel passionate about and a few clients here and there that I was tired of working with.
All and all I was letting the “have to” and “should” fill my calendar. I let what I thought was the way to make money, get more clients and be the right kind of mom take control of my time and my life. It wasn’t working.

Being Sick and Pissed off was keeping me from living a life that had ANY unicorns and rainbows.

I had to change the way I filled my time.
Which also meant I had to shift the way I thought about “have to” and “should”.

I had to create a way to check into myself and discover what it was that really lit me up. Find those networking events that were filled with people who were inspiring. Work with clients that I felt a connection with and they too felt that with me. Volunteer in ways that nourished me and fit within my work schedule.

I even had to set up a work schedule so I could see when I was available and when I wasn’t. I had to build the muscle of saying no to what didn’t light me up and the yes muscle to those things that did.

It took time, practice, failure- under-scheduling/ over-scheduling- and eventually I was able to come up with ways I could work with clients I loved, complete projects I was passionate about, volunteer without going crazy and even have down time to care for myself so I wasn’t so angry any more.

And the best part was I wasn’t sick, I had more energy. I had space inside and outside so I could find some unicorns and rainbows in my days.

If you’re an overstuffed, over-scheduled, “should” and “have to” entrepreneur let’s chat about creating a schedule that supports your life and mission. We can develop a calendar system that helps you make more money plus have more free time. Serenity of Systems starts in just a few weeks and it’s a great way to get your 2018 set up to be your best year yet. There’s 1 opening for starting in January and 3 for February. Plus you’ll probably find a unicorn or two once your systems are flowing and your schedule is feeding your whole you.