It’s a crazy world swirling around me

It’s a crazy world swirling around me

…I’ve got no time. …I can’t possibly get that completed. …There’s no way I can fit anything else in my day…..

I’m sure many of you have had similar thoughts before, maybe even right now, or last year or last month. Well, I’m right in the middle of crazy currently. And the nutty thing is, all this crazy is made up of a bunch of great and amazing things, yet I’m just keeping my head above water.

Last week it didn’t feel like I was going to stay up. I felt pretty close to drowning. On Monday, I’d worked hard all day, made two dinners, gotten child one to a band concert, attended said band concert, kept child two from being rude/ disruptive during concert and finally gotten everyone to bed, even though I was mean for making them turn off their lights. The night before I’d stayed up late working and then had my sleep disturbed by a wandering child. I had planned to work late again, but as the tears filled my eyes because one kid was still telling me he wasn’t going to sleep, and that I couldn’t make him, I knew the best thing I could do for myself, was to go to sleep, so I could try to “catch up” with work the next day.

This sense of needing to catch up has been getting worse. Over the last two weeks the pile up has got thicker and thicker and I’m asking myself, “how did I end up stretched so thin, where there’s nothing left of me at 9:30pm?” Well some of it’s poor planning, some is just being me, because I get excited about ideas and run with them, and some of it’s just life. Right now- just to name a few, I’ve got the great, amazing, Tame Your Tech Class, my impending remodel/ addition to my home, Ms. Fiesty’s circus production, I traveled for half of April for work/ pleasure and I’ve got a stinky kitty who keeps peeing on things (like clean laundry or kids backpacks, or anything else on the floor). And all of it is happening at once, because…

As you can see I’ve got lots of plates spinning at once, some of which I’ve picked up, others of which life said, “Here take this, let’s see what happens now! (heeheehee)” None have fallen and I don’t think they will, yet I’ve got to figure out how to put some down, plus figure out how to prevent this from happening again.

I’ve been actually working on the plate putting down plan for two months. Is that crazy? Crazy to know for 2 months that I had to slow down, yet didn’t? Well, yes and no. Yes, because I’ve known for 2 months life was getting CRAZY. And no, because I want to put these plates down well, with grace and with ability to pick them back up when I desire. So I’m strategically choosing to keep some of these plates aloft a little while longer, while gently starting to put others down and some just have to stay up because, well…. life.

This is a great way to remind myself and my clients that although I’m an organizer and a coach, my life is not perfect, everything is not always in order; laundry is my nemesis, and my child acts horrible too. And still, when things get crazy- and they will with 2 kids, a business, a husband- who owns his own business, 3 cats, and 2 chickens– I strive to make it through the current moment with love and sanity AND most importantly, work on the back end of life to prevent from this kind of crazy from happening again.

How does one prevent crazy from happening? Well, I’ll be the first to admit that some parts are out of my control. I’ve yet to figured out how to control a cats bladder or “make” my kids go to sleep, but other things I can plan for. I can choose when to take on projects for work, when to launch a new program and in what ways to replenish my personal well of energy. I can create an ebb and flow for my life and my business. Some of the timing is out of my hands (the school year schedule for example) yet, I can work with that to have time for creating, which I’ve done very well over the last two years, and time for being fallow, which I haven’t done much of in 2 years. It’s been enthralling to be in high creation mode for two years yet I also know I’ve stretched too far, for too long, so it’s time to shorten up the cycle of creation and rest. So as I prepare for my analogue summer, I’m planting the seeds of rest and rejuvenation, which will in the future feed my creations once again.

As I step into the fallow state I must say no, or not now, or not ever to many things. Life is full of amazing things and opportunities for new connection, new friends, more knowledge, deeper practices, exciting travel and on and on, yet I’m ready to step back. It’s easy for me to forget when I’m going and creating in the world, that I can miss the quieter ideas, the less forceful voices that are truly deep and profound, I forget to let the dust settle to get the clarity that will take me on to whatever is the next thing. When I don’t examine all the shiny things and decide which ones sparkles the most, then there’s so many sparkly things that I cannot really see.

As I pull inward and slow down so I can hear my deep and profound voices, I hope you too can find a harmony between an amazing, yet hectic life and the fallow times when the quieter ideas surface.