10 Tips for Getting Paper Under Control

  1.  Take a paper tour- include mail, files, to do piles, desktops, kitchen tables, kids homework, etc.
  2. Centrally locate all paper- can you keep it in one place? Set up a comfortable sorting station with space to work, recycling, and a shredder.
  3. Create filing systems that work for you- Create one system for active, another for archive, and a third for reference.
  4. Active and reference files need to be close at hand, archive files can be stored in garage or another location if necessary
  5.  Try a tickler file for getting those “to dos” completed and out of piles.
  6. Sort through the centrally located paper for an hour at a time, filing in new systems, tossing or putting in your tickler file.
  7. Keep up the work doing a little a time.
  8.  As new papers come in put in files, tickler or toss.
  9. Maintain your system.  Set aside time every week, month and year to put papers away, and clean out old files.
  10. Remember there is not one size fits all to organization.  Try a system for a month or two to see if it works for, if not there are many other methods out there.  Find the one that works for you.

Serene Space is here to help.  If you want assistance setting up systems, jump-starting projects, or continual maintenance we are here for you.  We can even take your office or home paperless.  Contact us to ask how.