Positive Thinking

I have been thinking about my brain and the neurological pathways that my mental habits have created over time.  Doing the same thing, thinking the same thing, reacting the same over and over again, creates these pathways.  Eventually, we do not realize we are in the midst of these actions or thoughts because they are an integral part of our brain makeup.  Thus, why it is difficult to change a habit.

One of my goals this year is to have my brain focus on positive thoughts.   For many years I have tended towards the negative, so it is time for a change.

How do we go about changing these old, familiar neurological pathways, and then create new ones?

One way is by being present with our thoughts, also called mindfulness. For me, when I start having old, negative thoughts, I gently stop myself and redirect.  I try to think of a positive alternative to the negative thought I just had.  While doing this, it is important to remember one of the key aspects of mindfulness, being aware without judging ourselves.

I hope this inspires you to look closely at the mental habits you want to create and gives you a tool to make it happen.  I would also love to hear about ways in which you put this to use or other ideas to create the neurological pathways we desire.

Have an amazing day!