Reality starts with a dream

Reality starts with a dream

The year is almost over…. and the decade is almost over too. 

Let’s make your dreams come to life in 2020. 

Take what you’ve learned so far and create what you want in your life and business next year. You can bring dreams into reality at any time, yet the energy that we collectively experience at the start of a new year is fuel for making this process more powerful. 

Tomorrow is the winter solstice, the ending of a year cycle and a perfect time to start visioning and planning for your business in 2020. Take the time now to create a vision and a road map for your dreams. 

Yes… I know, it can feel overwhelming and paralyzing to have big ideas and want to bring them into reality. It can be challenging to take what seems beautiful and easy from the land of imagination into the land of reality. I know this because I struggle with it, just like every human. Somethings feel easy to bring to life and others harder. Somethings can take an evening to create, like dinner, and others can take years, like my remodeled home. Yet, there is a common path each dream takes to become a reality.

All dreams start with a vision.

Your vision maybe visual or it may not. The vision is about the desires you have and what you want your life, your business, your space to feel like. All planning, even business planning, starts in the land of imagination- where anything is possible. 

When you root your plans in dreams and visions, you create hope and deep desires. This hope and desire gives you a foundation from which to start. Because inevitably, you’ll hit road blocks and having your foundation gives you motivation and desire that can pull you through when things get tough.

So how do you create this vision?

Each year, I start with a vision of what I want life to be like in 5 years. This keeps me looking out beyond the mundane details of the present moment. It allows me to dream big AND make incremental steps in the new year towards those big dreams. And if you’ve ever attended my Envision your Ideal Life workshop in January you’ll know how this works.

Visioning Process:

1. Settle in somewhere comfortable, close your eyes and picture yourself in 5 years.

2. Pretend you see yourself going through a normal day in your life.

3. Wake up and see where the day takes you.

4. Make note of what your surroundings at home, work, and play look, smell, and sound like.

5. Take note of how you feel.

6. Journal, draw or make notes about what you experienced through the visioning process.

Once you’ve gone through the visioning process you can start planning.(And you can always return to the visioning process again and again.)

Planning is based on your vision, but it’s brought to life by setting the right kind of goals. 

What does it take to make this dream a reality? If it’s dinner, then you must get groceries. If it’s remodeling a house, then you need plans and permits. Ask yourself what you need to do in the land of reality to see your vision come to life.

Planning for a whole year takes patience and time. Your goals might be large and at the same time must be reasonable. In order to create the balance between large and reasonable, big goals need to be broken down into seasonal goals and monthly projects. Going through the process of setting seasonal goals and monthly projects may reveal that your goal is unreasonable. Or, on the other hand, that it’s not big enough and you can do more. This is why working from the 5 year vision helps, you may discover that it takes 2 or 3 years to complete a goal and that’s ok!

Many times you also have to decide between goals- because I’ll tell you, rebuilding my website, which is needed and rebuilding my house, which is in process, CANNOT happen at the same time. We must constantly remember our priorities and make choices based on those.

No matter if you’re dreaming of big projects or little ones, if your end result is a huge shift in your business or a small one, I encourage you to start dreaming now, to use the longer nights to snuggle down in a blanket with a cup of tea or cocoa and look into the future. Start planning for the next decade now and you’ll find at this time next year, many of your dreams have come true.

Some people dream and dream and dream, others act without the foundation of a dream, and some struggle following through with their plan. I’m here to help. I’ve got 2 coaching spots available in January to help you create your vision, plan for 2020 and take action into the next decade. Email me and we’ll bring your dreams into reality.