Start the New Year Gently

Start the New Year Gently

I know it’s so great. You’ve got a new start, a new beginning. And you can change and correct and make better all those things that are “wrong” with you or “need improvement.”

And……it’s also wet and cold outside, the days are still short and, MOST IMPORTANTLY you are already perfect just the way you are in each and every moment.  When you’re sick and not getting to all that important work, when you’re frustrated with your kids, your boss, life in general, you are perfect.  When you’re falling out of a balance pose in yoga, or running a mile, you are perfect.

It’s so hard to hold that in our heart and mind in each of these moments.  It’s hard to feel the perfection when we find ourselves with chocolate cake smeared on our face and the broken promise of eating better floating down the drain.

But we are!
You are perfect in each and every moment.

You may forget it, you may lose touch with that peace and knowledge as the kids are loud and disruptive and just plain grumpy and still won’t eat.  (my winter break)

And you can return to this knowledge of perfection when the emotions pass, when the illness is gone.  You can learn from these imperfect moments of perfection, you can grow. You are human, because to be human means being perfect in those moments of disaster.

As I envision my new year, I’m trying to remember that there’s going to be chocolate smeared on my face sometimes and I’ll miss a yoga class or two.  Can you remember that you might yell at your kids again, or make rude faces behind your boss’s back? Together, let’s cherish these perfect moments, knowing they are the ones that push us to strive towards an ideal, AND the goal is not the ideal but the journey there.