Staying anchored

Staying anchored

This spring and summer, the simple act of drying flowers has become a ritual. It takes very little time, but I engage in it everyday. I look outside to see the flowers growing. Mainly, I enjoy their color, texture and smell, yet I’m also keeping watch to I know if it’s time to gather the petals.

As my basket of petals fills, I pause once a day to toss them and keep them drying. In that brief moment of touching the petals, the smell, the beauty, the quiet I get brings me back to center. Just this simple act of making and being in creation with these flowers brings me more peace and joy, more pleasure in sight and scent and touch.

Having small actions everyday like this keeps me grounded. These set the tone and give me time to pause. Of course I can’t harvest flower petals in the winter but there’s other ways to connect and pause each day. As the wheel of the year turns so does what I’m called to do. In the fall it might be harvesting or raking leaves. In the winter, it’s making a fire or cooking up cider on the stove.

Funny thing is: I crave and shun routines simultaneously. If that sounds challenging, it is. I enjoy routines that keep me functioning in the mundane, muggle world we live in. Having the care of my body, the packing of kids lunches, the getting out of the house simplified and rote keeps me from being overwhelmed in the busiest of times. And yet every few months I rebel, I can’t keep my morning routine or my afternoon pattern and I know I’ve got to shake it up. I’ve got to make new routines.

It’s easy to let all my routines fall apart but then I fall apart too. I succumb to lethargy or overwhelm and that’s not good for me (or anyone around me). What I’ve learned and am trying to sustain is that if I’ve got a small ritual, like the care of drying flowers, I can stay grounded while letting my bigger, everyday routines and rituals morph. I can let small actions, like observing and enjoying flowers or breathing deeply three times before I get up in the morning or drinking a glass of water before bed, keep me centered and be the anchor for busting out of my old routines and landing wth the new ones.
So as my rituals and routines have changed with the summer shift of kids out of school, I’m holding tight to those small actions, those tiny rituals that keep me centered and present.
If you’ve got little rituals or routines you keep no matter where you are or what’s going on in your life, I want to hear about them.  You can reply to this email and share how these help you.  Have a wonderful dark moon on Thursday 7/12 and I hope your summer is full and fun.