Staying Calm in the Chaos

Staying Calm in the Chaos

No matter where you are in the world right now, Covid-19 is on your mind and most likely affecting your life. Those of us in the San Francisco Bay Area are ordered to stay home and avoid anyone we do not live with; no work as normal, no events, no school. This seems to be the extreme of the situations throughout the world right now and it has created chaos and worry all around me.

The grocery stores are being cleared and toilet paper of all things is what we’re worried of running out of as a society. 

It’s not an easy time and it is scary.

It’s scary because we just don’t know what life will be like in the coming weeks and months.

I believe the biggest thing we can do is to pull together as a community and world. To be kind, to breathe deeply, and to support those around us who are at high risk. 

We can get stuck in the worry and fears repeating themselves in our minds or we can direct our energy into more useful things.

Here are a few ways to stay calm and direct our energy into positive action during these unknown times.

1. Plan out meals– It’s easy to think you need more food than you do, it’s easy to feel like you’ve got to buy, buy, buy. It’s human nature to gather food when we’re worried. Yet, if you take some time to look through your pantry and refrigerator and plan out meals for a week or two you’ll feel better. And yourself- Do you have what you need? Is there a way to adjust a recipe for what you don’t have? Luckily the internet is still functioning and you can find great recipes online for whatever you already have at home. I’ve been using the app Recipe Keeper for saving recipes, making shopping lists and it also has meal planning functions. When you plan your meals you’ll rest easy that you’re taken care of for a week or more.

2. Manage remote work– Many of you will be working from home remotely- maybe you’re use to this or maybe it’s new to you. Your computer, your time and energy management and your task management all need extra care. I’ve always worked remotely with people, but right now, I’m offering discounted, remote sessions to support anyone struggling to successfully work from home. Whether it’s how to structure your day with kids home, challenges with your computer or you’re ready to get your business systems streamlined, these sessions can help bring calm into the chaos. Schedule a session here.

3. Tackle those organizing projects- Many of you are now self quarantining or being ordered to shelter in place- so besides trying to keep your kids learning at home, running you business and still enjoying your family you might find that you’ve got large stretches of time. It’s a great time to tackle those organizing projects you’ve been “too busy” to complete. Clean out a drawer at a time, a shelf in a closet at a time, one file drawer a day.  Or set timers and clear clutter for blocks of time. If you’re not sure where to start, I do remote organizing sessions. I normally only work with people over months at a time, but know that times are different right now and so I want to support anyone needing a nudge or guidance to tackle organizing projects that have been niggling you for the past, who knows how long.

4. Get fresh air and move your body- Getting out in nature and moving your body is one of the best healing balms I know. As long as you stay 6 feet away from anyone you don’t live with being outside is safe and can shift your energy in just a few minutes. Even if getting to the trees or the beach is unaccessible because of weather or location, your front porch, backyard or sidewalk is still there, and I encourage you to step outside and breathe.

5. Start a new practice- Speaking of breathing, what a time to practice deep breathing and meditation. if you don’t already have a daily practice, this is a great time to create one. Your daily practice can be simple, take less than 5 minutes and will change the trajectory of your day. Some of my favorite simple practices include lighting a candle, thinking of 5 things I’m grateful for, closing my eyes and focusing on my breath for a few minutes, and also visualizing my connection to the earth through roots. Here are two resources for meditations and daily practices: Saged and Insight Timer I love this app for guided meditations.

6. Serve Others- There are going to be people in all of our communities that need some extra support because they are at higher risk from Covid-19. Someone with a child with respiratory challenges, a senior neighbor, anyone with physical disabilities, families that are already experiencing food shortage issues. We can run an errand, pick up some groceries or even call to chat with someone who lives alone. We don’t have to see people to support them and be kind. It’ll make them feel better and you too!

Please stay in touch, reach out for support and find ways to keep calm in these uncertain times.