Systems?  UGH…. Making Friends with that word.

Systems? UGH…. Making Friends with that word.

I was talking to a coach the other day about what I do and I watched her cringe when I said, “systems”.  So I started noticing what happened to other people when I used THAT word.  I observed clients, prospective clients, audiences, etc. And what I noticed surprised me.
People either cringed or their eyes glazed over.  It seems that people either dread it or feel so overwhelmed by it they stop hearing.
Why does the word “system” cause such a reaction?
Since there’s two camps of people, the cringers and the glazers, I’m going to give two hypotheses.
The cringing folks are afraid that a system is going to limit them, to stifle creativity or keep them from being free somehow- it’s a word of the establishment.  (The establishment is a system- duh…)
The folks whose eyes glaze over are the ones who are overwhelmed- it’s too big to see all the pieces.  They feel they can’t create a system, they wouldn’t know where to start, they’ve tried before and they’ve “failed”. They think systems are for other people.
Well I’m on a mission to help people craft a life that allows them to shine.  One of the biggest obstacles to crafting that ideal life is clutter – emotional, physical, digital and mental.   One of the ways to clear the clutter is to have……SYSTEMS- so I’m aiming to create a new paradigm about it.
After years of playing with setting up routines (another word for systems) in my life, my clients’ lives, in past jobs and businesses I’ve discovered how simple they can be, and how liberating.
Did you hear me right, simple and liberating…systems??? No way.
Well, it’s all in how you look at it.
If you’ve got client follow up that’s falling behind, you’re clients aren’t going to feel taken care of and want to return.  If you play with scheduling time each week to do that particular task then…. BAM clients are happy and so are you (That was simple and you’re more liberated from tasks hanging over your heads, which opens up space for keeping happy clients and getting referrals from those same clients.)
I know, that was a basic example, and… it can translate to bigger, more complicated things.  The steps are the same- look at the problem, play with solutions and implementing them.  It’s all in how you look at it, it’s all in how you play with it.
I encourage you to play.  And if you need a bit of support breaking it down, I’m here to help.  Reach out and let me know how I can help you.  I’m currently booking clients for November and December- there’s 3 spots open.