Ready to tame your tech chaos?

It's time to get your digital life sorted, turning your technology into the tool it's suppose to be.

Technology is a tool, just like pen and paper have been in the past.  We can do so much more with digital calendars, email management systems and we can store information never imaginable before. can feel like it's all jumbled and lost and hopeless to keep up.

In Tame your Tech Chaos Masterclass you will learn to effectively use digital tools so that you can be more productive, spend less time on screens and stop feeling overwhelmed by apps and programs.

Stop wasting time in the black hole of technology, digging through emails, recreating processes, rewriting your to-do lists
Feel confident in your ability to use apps and programs. Learn the ins and outs of different programs and which ones are right for you
Stop doing it all- know what tasks can be dropped and which ones to pass on to an assistant or expert.

I know it can seem endless.  It seems like you’ll never get to the end of the messages, you'll never stop wasting time looking for those files you need RIGHT NOW.  Plus you’ve tried writing down your “to-dos” but find you just need to start a new list every couple days.  There’s more and more information you want to reference later, but how will you remember that you saved it, to read it and where should you save it any way.

What are we going to do to keep our sanity, be professional, and get our life’s work into the world?............Tame Your Tech Chaos Masterclass
Two things will tame all this tech.  One is clarity; clarity about what we’re doing, what’s important to us and what we’re good at.  The second is tech know-how, the ability to execute everything we've clarified.

 Get your digital detritus handled, create clarity and spend more time doing what you love, whatever that is!

In this self-paced class you'll:


  • Create systems for e-mail that support you, not drain you
  • Organize your contacts
  •  Make projects managable and acheivable
  •  Turn your to-dos into done 
  • Manage your time, calendars, and social media posting with ease and confidence
  • Track down all your documents
  • Streamline your processes
  • Set yourself up to hire help or use assistants more effectively, knowing what tasks can be dropped and which ones to pass on.
  • Develop clarity about where to spend your time, effort and energies

Here are all the details:

  • Four 75 minute webinars with screen sharing, clarity digging, tips, tricks and technical know-how ($800 value)
  • Recordings of the webinars available for keeps for that tech tip that just keeps slipping your mind ($200 value)
  • A Facebook group with daily and weekly assignments that support your progress, plus I’ll be sharing how-to articles, answering questions between classes, and giving you props for getting your digital messes handled. ($500 value)
  • Clarity provoking excercises woven into each and every class- what am I trying to achieve with this, how will it help me reach my goals, and am I the right person to be doing this? ($400 value)
  • Your sanity and a life away from your digital devices. (priceless)
  • A 30 minute 1:1 zoom call with me, Heather, to answer specific questions or personal implementation support. ($150 value)

Over $2000 value- all for $247

The low down of what's happening in each class:

Class #1

Discover your relationship with email and other types of electronic communication.  We’ll dig into what email does for you, how you’re using it currently and how you’d like to use it in the future and to what ends. Of course we’ll be getting geeky and learning about productivity hacks and new apps and the like.  But most importantly you’ll be creating your own plan for getting on top of emails and setting rules about your inbox that grooves with you.

Class #2

We’ll be getting clear about what you’re adding to your plate each week and month and examine how that's working for you.  We’ll dig into discovering whether you’re asking too much of your time or just not keeping it all straight- or a combination of both.  You'll learn to use project/ task management software and review different options. You’ll finish this class knowing how to get all those to-dos done or delegated.



Calendars, social media and how to keep up. There are many options for marketing and each one of us can create the right mixture for our personality and clients. We'll look at what's the right mixture and where we want to put our effort.  Plus social media expert, Tess Owen of Omni Social Media,  will be joining us to  break down ways to simply get your social media handled.  And lastly we'll geek out over editorial calendars, how to use them and how to make them work with your task management.


This is the class where it all comes together. We’ll look at the way we store all our amazing content.  You'll learn what's the best place for you create it, store it, and access it. There’s lots of options out there, and there's a right one for you. Then you'll create process documents so you can stop doing it all on your own and set yourself up to hire an assistant or use exisiting ones more effectively.


What folks are saying:

"Working with Heather made me realize how much disorganization I had as a new business owner and how creating systems made me feel more calm and free. Heather helped me with all the systems that were overwhelming me - both in my physical space, my electronic space, and the clutter in my head. I know I still have so much to practice and work on but with Heather's help, I know the direction I am going, and feel like I can actually move forward. "
- Jenna Carlsson
"Working with Heather was a great way to get my digital filing organized and create a systems for keeping up with things. "
-Katie Demming

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