The slowing down of autumn

The slowing down of autumn

This week on my morning walk, I could feel autumn’s arrival. There were lots of leaves on the ground and the quality of the light was different, it was a little softer. The air had a chill and the sounds of the forest were muffled.

It’s been warm (as it usually is in August and September in the Bay Area) and even though the kids have been back in school for a few weeks, I’ve still been feeling the summer energy running through my veins. It feels like a mix between lazy days and surges of activity, a desire to play full-out but on no particular schedule. I’ve been pushing against that feeling, trying, very unsuccessfully, to get back to the fall routines of work and school life. And when I noticed the arrival of autumn, there was a release, an exhale I didn’t know I’d been holding within my body.

My summer was full of fun and activity with all the packing, moving, and demolition of my home in preparation for the great re-construction. Throughout the last few months, I felt I was handling the ups, downs and sideways of life pretty well, yet the high energy of summer has worn me out. Seeing the first signs of fall, reminds and allows me to slow down, not just with activity, but with my thoughts as well, to pause and take stock of what I’ve created and am still creating in my business, my home and my family. In someways my schedule isn’t slowing down, kids activities pick-up and birthdays happen (my youngest just turned 11), but the regularity of our fall schedule allows me to settle in, to rest into what happens each week. I’m beginning to step into the empty spaces between predictable activities. I feel the perceptible shift in the season is letting my body sync up with the changes in my schedule. I can use these empty times to remind myself what I’m focused on creating this year, what my goals are and how I’m reaching those goals.

And right now, our home project has slowed down. The demolition is almost complete, but inching along. The excavation for the new foundation is getting closer by the day, but the visual changes are itty-bitty right now. It feels like it’s dragging with the final steps before we start building. With the earth’s shift into autumn energy, I’m hoping to be in acceptance of the slower progress, to know that these steps of stripping away everything to the bones of the house is like the dying that happens to the leaves in the fall, so that new growth can happen in the spring.

I’m using this seasonal shift to adjust myself, my rhythms, and my outlook so that I feel more at ease.

As you start noticing the light, the leaves and the temperature changes of autumn, I encourage you to pause and ask yourself how it makes you feel. Can you slow down and take stock of what you’ve created so far this year? Is there a way you can use the change of seasons to help you focus your energies for the next few months, to finish what you set out to do this year? Is there a way to embody the fall energy to accept things that are happening slower than you want? I’m curious- please share how you’ll use this seasonal shift to support yourself.

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