Thrift Stores are Marie Kondo-ed out

Thrift Stores are Marie Kondo-ed out

Last month, I told you my opinions and experience with the Marie Kondo craze currently happening in our culture. (And yes, I finally got to watch a few episodes of the show- well done and thoughtful.) With the success of Tidying Up, thrift stores across the country are over-flowing. Some are even turning away donations. This makes it a magical time for those great thrift store finds, but if you’re down sizing or just cleaning out your kids closet, it can be hard to pass on your usable items. Here are some simple ways to pass on your stuff to someone who truly wants it, without dealing with the current thrift store dilemma:

Post it as free on Freecycle, Craigslist or Nextdoor.

Facebook is teeming with garage sale groups for your geographical area.

Group smaller items, like clothes, into lots- offer a collection of women size 8 dresses and pants, or perfect board books for toddlers.

When someone wants your stuff for free, make it easy for yourself, put it near the curb with a note on it.

If having strangers come to your home feels uneasy, then arrange to meet the person somewhere public- like a park or a coffee shop to hand over the bag of clothes.

My own de-cluttering experience:

I thought it would be interesting to share with all of you, my wonderful readers, what I’ve accomplished each month-be it  big or small, as I pair down my families stuff because I’ll be temporarily moving this summer.

January’s project was small in size but felt big emotionally. I tackled family photos, which has been one of those tasks that had been put off so many times.

On the shelves in my office I had 4 shoe boxes of photos- 2 of which were scrap books waiting to happen (my second child’s baby book- he’s 10- I’d love to do it, but it’s not happening right now). There was also a big stack of random photos and memorabilia I collected over the last few years from family, from my grandmother’s house when we cleaned it out, from who knows where.

I went through all these photos, tossed the ones no one wants to look at, gave up the idea that I needed to make a baby book right now and got that random stack sorted so I could save what felt special. I’m now down to 2 boxes instead of 4.  Even though it wasn’t a huge project that changes the amount of storage space I’m going to need, it felt good to take a couple hours to tend my families memories. (And remember how cute, my now pre-teens really were!)