Tricky Thoughts

My clients that do the deepest work with me know more about their thoughts than they did before. They learn how to be with them, observe them and even love them whether the thoughts are true or not, helpful or hurtful, positive or negative.

This is the same personal work I do everyday.  The work of questioning my thoughts, of distancing myself from them in order to acknowledge that there only thoughts, nothing more and nothing less.

As the moon wanes away this week, I find it easier to pull inward and notice those thoughts, to catch them playing tricks on me, trying to fool me into believing that “I’m not good enough for this, that or the other thing”  And once I notice them, I can gently pat them on the head and send them off.  Sending them off doesn’t mean they’re gone for good, but it does takeaway their power.

Those thoughts that don’t serve me, those limiting beliefs do not need to rule my actions and emotions, they do not make me who I am. To learn how to be with your thoughts, to notice and even love them too you can download my free. Just click the link below.