What’s Hard for you?

What’s Hard for you?

Everything’s changed.

Nothing’s the same since we all started sheltering in place and trying to flatten the curve.

The changing expectations and shifting schedules are one of the hardest things so far. The constant presence of my family over the last month has turned my world upside down as much as I’m sure something has turned your life sideways too. I want to know what’s hard for you.

I want to know where you’re stuck. Keep reading and I’ll share more of my challenges and then let me know about yours.

Is it hard to use technology in new ways?

Is it changing schedules that have you lost?

Is it not knowing what to do next- being paralyzed?

Or is it something else?

I would love to support you or share a resource that might help, but I’ve gotta know what it is that’s hard. Send me an email or fill out this form. And I promise I’ll get back to you!

As I said, the family at home has presented challenges.

It felt so hard at first that I threw up my hands and just gave up on doing anything for a few weeks. It was challenging enough to get my kids to wake up, do a little school (but definitely not complete it all), shower myself and feed them, that anything more was outside my ability.

Needless to say with two young people schooling remotely for the first time, I’ve got extra responsibilities, plus we’re juggling 3 computers between 4 people. The biggest challenge, however, was the distractions. I like my family and when they’re around, I’m used to spending time with them and I’m naturally drawn to what they are doing. Then, there’s also the new messes from having circus training happening in my living room and an active 11-year old who is bigger than me crashing through the house with loads of energy.

Yet, within a couple weeks, we started stepping into new rhythms.

We’re finding new ways. My bedroom is the conference room – to be reserved by my husband or I for remote meetings or quiet work time. I’ve got slow mornings every day- a dream come true for a “non-morning person” mama. My kids are becoming independent learners, required to step up in new ways. My teenager and pre-teen use to spend all their time with friends and their devices. And now we’re hiking and laughing and playing games and connecting in ways that I might never get  to experience again with them.

I’m truly cherishing this time of connection.

And yet, even with all the noise and energy in my home, I feel lonely.

I miss all the other people that were in my life.

I miss those people I did yoga with each week.

I miss the women in my spiritual community.

I miss having a beer and making dinner with friends while our kids enjoy each other in the background.

I miss my communities so much it makes my heart hurt.

AND… new connections are happening. I’m able to spend hours face-timing with my best friend in Georgia because we’re both home-bound. My son is playing card games remotely with 3 aunts, his grandfather, and random cousins and it’s the highlight of his week. I participated in an online ritual last night- totally wary of how it would go. Amazingly, it was sweet and beautiful. I could feel the connection to the other people present.

I believe we are resilient social creatures who will find ways to stay connected whether in person, on the phone or via video. I’m lonely for physical presence but blessed to laugh and cry with community through the internet ether.

And I’m scared.

What will our world be like in a few months?

And I’m sad.

I’m feeling grief for losing what I loved about the world, the loss of human life and all the suffering I’m seeing in the news.

The truth of it is this…. there’s so much that’s hard right now. AND many blessings are coming from it all at the same time. It’s enough to make my heart explode with emotion.

One of my mentors, Martha Beck, told me last week, “This not happening to us, but happening for us.” That even through the challenges, this is an opportunity for a huge shift.

How do we make this shift?

Feeling all the feels is a start, acknowledging what is hard and finding ways to handle it is next.

So, share with me what’s hard for you? Is it tech challenges? Are you lonely? Are you unsure of a direction with your business or life? Are those systems you meant to create in your business needed even more right now?
Send me an email reply or fill out this form. And I promise I’ll get back to you!

As I come out of the first month of social distancing and school closing and weird toilet paper shortages, I know all I can do is handle each moment at that moment. I’m trying to focus on each new situation as it comes up- sometimes badly and sometimes successfully. And I’m wishing you peace even when it’s hard.