What’s so great about spring cleaning?

What’s so great about spring cleaning?

It’s Spring….. happy sunshine and flowers…. This week’s the equinox. We’re headed closer and closer to the warmer times of the year. I know with all the rain here in California and crazy amounts of snow still in many places in the US and Canada, it doesn’t quite feel like spring yet.


I would guess, if you pause for a few minutes, if you check-in with yourself, you might notice some inner shifts to how you feel now compared to how you felt in November and December as we descended into the darkest times of the year. 

And….I bet if you payed attention to the light, even if it’s on the snow outside that you’d notice that it’s warmer in color, that there’s a different smell in the air.

The shifts in the seasons sometimes happen with a bang, but most of the time it’s a subtle shift, day after day, till we finally feel more sunshine on our face and discover we don’t need the heavy coat anymore.

And once the warmth and longer days are here, I want to relish in the spring energies.

Spring is traditionally a season for cleaning- everyone’s heard the “spring cleaning” phrase before. I believe spring is prime time to shake off the stagnant, potentially sick, heavy, wet, cold energies that have gathered in your spaces and in a special way hit “RESET”

To go Beyond Spring Cleaning by organizing and de-cluttering I encourage it. Plus, it’s a great time to clear your mind of old baggage too.

And once those physical and mental areas of your life have been sorted, I love to energetically spring clean my house and office.

What do I mean by energetically clean? Energetic cleaning is the act of clearing out old, stagnant, unwanted energy from a space. I use my own magical tools to burn, fan and sound away the unwanted energies that have collected in a closed, heated house for the last few month. The energies that collect in our spaces aren’t all bad- there’s lots of joy, laughter and silliness too, but in the corners behind that pile of blankets you can finally put away, or behind the door where nothing much happens, energy gets trapped and stops moving. Maybe it’s the restlessness of young children on rainy days or an argument with your partner that’s now long forgotten- the remnants are there, and now’s a great time to send them out of the space and replace them with the positive vibes you desire.

To energetically clear your space, you don’t have to have any training- although there are people whose life purpose is to clear spaces.  However, there are a few steps that are agreed upon by many magically and energetically sensitive people I’ve learned from.  That being said, I always believe that you can and should make your own rituals that serve you, your values and your beliefs.

The steps to energetically clearing always start with de-cluttering and tidying your space, then cleaning it with purpose, attention and love. And lastly, walking through your space, clearing out the stagnant energy before filling it up with new energy.

When walking through your space, some people easily feel where the energy is heavy, for others it’s more challenging or they can’t quite locate the source- no matter- you’ll clear the energy whether your senses pick it up or not. Choose something to clear with- a fan or feather, some burning herbs- like sage or cedar. Even clapping can clear out stagnant energy- it’s actually one of my favorite ways of shaking up the stagnation and getting it to move on its way.

While you do this, be sure to open windows and doors so the unwanted energy has a place to go. Walk through the space waving your fan, incense or clapping until you have been in each room, corner, nook and cranny of the space.

Once you feel that the space has been cleared and cleaned energetically. It’s time to fill it with all that juicy energy you want to feel every time you walk inside. Great tools for this are bells, sacred waters, your voice, wind chiming, singing bowls etc. I love to fill my home with the sound of bells to elevate the energy. Close the windows and door to contain the new energies you’re spreading. Once again, walk around the space. This time with intent and purpose as to what you’re bringing in, what tone your setting as you ring your bells, sing, or sprinkle sacred water throughout.

Now your space is revitalized and will feel fresher and more alive- and it’s not just because of the clutter clearing and cleaning you did. If you want to learn more about space clearing, Karen Kingston and Denise Linn are great resources for books, trainings and information.