What’s your winter wonderland like?

What’s your winter wonderland like?

It’s getting cold outside (if you live in the northern hemisphere) and even though there’s a little bit more light every day. It can feel a bit depressing and tiring.

If you’re like me you want a cup of tea, a blanket, a fire and a good book, BUT- I’ve still got to take kids to school, go to the grocery store, see clients and all the rest. In order to survive the cold dark time, I’m working on creating my version of a winter wonderland, consisting of the things I love most about the darkest time of the year, so that I can relish in them when I can and also find more that I like to make the season as warm (at least in my heart) as I can.

My winter wonderland:

  • As I said- cups of tea
  • blankets, fires and books
  • a space heater for cold mornings
  • fuzzy sweaters
  • mulled wine or cider- made for a couple hours on the stove and my house smells wonderful
  • brisk noontime walks
  • the warmth of the sun when I step out of the shadows
  • pretty lights that I can drive around in my heated car to enjoy
  • longer nights for watching movies with my kids
  • more time to read to my kids

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