Work-life balance is a myth

Work-life balance is a myth

Work-life balance is a myth. It’s a myth because balance means that things are equal and the same. Each day or week, even month isn’t a balance of life and work- because work for many purpose driven entrepreneurs is part of their life, part of their purpose and drive. Instead, I look at it through a sense of creating harmony. There are times when business is slow and others when it’s full to bursting. There are times when life (outside of work) demands much of our energy and time and others when it’s flowing with ease.

Creating harmony is about feeling fulfilled in a variety of areas of life. It’s about creating a healthy lifestyle- for your physical body, as well as your mental and emotional ones. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and scattered, like many of my clients do when we start working together, I encourage you to take stock of how you’re spending your time and energy. Taking a few moments to look over your weeks and months can give you a good gauge of what part of your life is lacking attention. If you spend 10 hours a day in front of the computer and don’t get outside- there’s a lack of harmony. If you rarely see friends or family, you’re lacking harmony. If you’re late to meetings and can’t seem to be on-time to work appointments, there’s a lack of harmony.

Asking yourself:. Are you getting time with friends? With a lover? With family? How’s your health? Your spirit? Your work/ business? When each of these are getting attention it is easier to be a calm, healthy and happy human. 

It’s almost impossible to evenly divide your time up between these areas, but the trick is that one night out with friends, filled with laughter and fun, can fill up that need for a couple weeks. A couple hours of exercise a week can keep your body healthy. 

All these aspects of your holistic self don’t need the same hours allotted to them, instead it’s about the feeling of harmony, a feeling of being fulfilled. So ask yourself, “what area of your life feels neglected?” And whatever area you identify, I hope you can put effort into cultivating that area, into making it a priority to your whole self.